Detectives Cross and Ruiz are back for season 2 of The Bridge, burdened the scars and trauma of season 1.

Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir) is hellbent on revenge and Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) knows it (or at least suspects it). His son Gus’s death has him heartbroken and in the death throes of S01E13 Ruiz turned to Cartel boss Fausto Galvan (Ramon Franco) in despair, seeking his help and favour so that he may offer vengeance himself on his son’s killer David Tate (Eric Lange), currently locked away in prison.

Journalist Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard) continues to stumble across cartel movement in El Paso seemingly under the noses of the Police, including THAT big pile of money in the old lady’s house.

Much is still to be discovered about Charlotte Millwright’s (Annabeth Gish) smuggler tunnel too and what the expectations of her are.

What part will the twin cities and the Bridge of the Americas play in season two as the drug war in Juarez threatens to boil over into El Paso as our two protagonists continue along their now intertwined paths?

The world of The Bridge is a messy place. The Cartels are still pushing drugs and people into America – it’s a lucrative business and so heaven help anybody that gets in their way. It forces Cross & Ruiz to continually question the rules they follow… what do they need to do to really get results?

New faces and surprises welcome us back in this first episode of season 2 that offer more questions than answers:
Who is this woman ‘Eleanor’ (Franka Potente) crossing from Mexico into the US, & why is she meeting with a Bank Manager?
Why is Sonya so interested in the stranger she meets (and why is her being “forward” so weird)?
What is Frye sitting on that has he and Adriana (Emily Rios) so excited in relation to the money house they discovered last season?

Another gruesome murder greets us in El Paso, with unidentified victims and no clear motivation for the slaughter. The brutality of the crime is evident in the remains of the scene, and yet it has little effect on the person who discovers it. They don’t rush to involve the Police.

Cross’s continued innocence & vulnerability (thanks to her Aspergers) seems at odds with the stark reality of her job. Ruiz continues his self-destructive streak, though it appears there are others who wish to assist him. He’s transformed from the bright, confident people person of last season into a much darker, self-absorbed, self-destructive man who no longer cares for his life.

Eva’s (Stephanie Sigman) undocumented arrival and existence in the US keep Cross & Ruiz linked beyond their shared investigative history. Cross put her job on the line to smuggle Eva to safety and people are still looking for the Mexican girl they’ve secreted in America.

The first ep of the new season of The Bridge opens and closes with more intrigue and even more solid drama. As with the first season there’s hints littered throughout and more questions asked than answered. The dual paths of the detectives and the journalist are sure to intersect again – just when? The tense friendship between Cross and Ruiz is the only true emotion they can both hold onto and yet it will be tested again and again as their demons challenge and confront them more regularly.

Hang on for the ride, people. It’s gonna be a cracker.

The Bridge (S02E01) – Tue 8:30pm AEST, FX.