In 2012 we’ll see the battle of the weight loss reality shows – Ch10’s The Biggest Loser and Ch9’s Excess Baggage. The promos are out and battling at 20 paces, and while Loser has gone for a softer, dating-website approach Baggage has launched large with it’s celebs and attitude and expectations.

Interestingly, Ch9 aren’t pushing the celebs away from Twitter, so you can follow along with their progress as they film the show (they’re on a week off now, but back again after Christmas). I’ve built a list of all involved including the official twitter account and host Kate Ceberano here. Each celeb is paired with a “normal human”, and as their twitter accounts are revealed I’ll add them to the list also. P.S. I think Gabby Millgate is awesome.

Excess Baggage looks to be a fun series where no one takes themselves too seriously and a lot of hard work is put in by all concerned – and it should be a compelling watch. The weight will soon be over.