“I run a website, so I’m a webmaster… like Spiderman.” — Cody

Oh, You *KNOW* it’s back (for it’s fourth season!), and it’s going to be as delicious as ever. The overly stereotypical geeks, the completely vacuous beauties and the longing, awkward looks from guys who would normally be lucky to be in the same room as these girls – let alone the same spa.

Apart from the usual highlights of who is going to fall in love with whom and the always exciting Henry Roth makeover episode(s), don’t forget that this time one of the geeks is secretly a millionaire. Will we be able to spot him easily? Will the girls? WHO WILL SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS?!?!

Who cares – it’s spectacular Australian reality car-crash television.

Beauty and the Geek Australia – Coming Soon, Ch7.