Siobahn vs Bridget (a story for the ages)

The new Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle Ringer has some acting so wooden it would put a forest to shame. But by the end of it you are strangely compelled to tune in for the next episode, if only to find out what happens next. More twists than a packet of twisties.

SMG is both Bridget Kelly & Siobahn Martin – estranged twins living very different lives. Bridget is facing prostitution and drugs charges, but in protective custody in a deal that would have her appear as star witness in the trial of a killer. Siobahn lives the high-life in a facade of a relationship with husband Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd). When Siobahn suddenly disappears, seemingly taking her own life, Bridget makes the splits-second decision to assume her sister’s identity. But the mess Siobahn’s life is in, is Bridget really ready for it? Taking over her sister’s life isn’t as simple as it might seem at first.

Intriguing, huh? Not really. Those closest to Siobahn make some mention of her losing weight or acting weird when they first see her (after Bridget has stepped into the role), but that’s it. Must be pretty easy to assume a rich person’s identity then. SMG is far too pouty, and there’s a deliciously bad green-screen scene with SMG in both roles in a boat that could go down as the WORST EVER IN TELEVISION HISTORY. The kids from the Mystery Machine would have a better chance of solving this ‘conundrum’.

It’s almost as if the episode is written by two different people – one to write the first 45 minutes, and then another to write the hook for the next ep. Of course once you get over the surprise, you’ll work out the next plot twist in moments. That compulsion to tune in for the next episode then simply becomes the drive to find out if you were right (which you will be). So much wasted talent, so many episodes of Ringer to come.

Ringer – Sun 9:30pm, Ch10.