Paul, Tim & Richard - D*A*A*S

Paul, Tim & Richard – D*A*A*S

“In my entire life, the ABC has never done anything to upset anyone,” said no one, ever.

Sure, there’s been controversy. Norman Gunston finding himself on the steps of Parliament House as Gough Whitlam addresses the masses after his dismissal. The Chaser and their APEC stunt that exposed gaping holes in the extensive security cordon that locked down Sydney at the time. That one time when Tim Bowden didn’t read my letter on BackChat. Prick.

Shock Horror Aunty is here to remind us that the price of quality programming is boundaries being stretched and sensibilities being offended.

Some people may only remember the recent examples of outrage caused by Phil Lloyd & The Jungle Boys with their shot of the PM doing the biz in her office under an Australian flag on At Home With Julia. There were many before them – respected writer Graeme Blundell often nuded up as Alvin Purple, Richard Fidler used to play guitar in a trio that sang about sex with corpses and Andrew Denton used to be a bohemian radical that helped overthrow the Pinochet Government*.

Che Guevara's media manager

Che Guevara’s media manager

Che Guevara’s media manager[/caption]John Safran upset Ray Martin once, and trust me it was hard to find that footage before YouTube. Libbi Gorr as Elle McFeast managed to upset just about everyone at some point though mostly for her inability to write and perform comedy.

In the rich history of television the ABC has always given many creatives the ability to hang themselves. Not many take the chance, yet Shock Horror Aunty catalogues those that not only grasped the opportunity with both hands by stuffed their metaphorical heads through the noose and kicked out the box themselves. And our television is all the better for them having done so.

*Maybe not, but I so wish it were true.

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