It’s a tale as old as time… Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy cheats on girl. Girl moves out. Girl moves in with 3 new guys to help her find her feet.

Zooey Deschanel stars as Jess, a teacher, in New Girl – yes, she’s that girl. This is a fun new sitcom coming to Channel 10 in 2012 and one that will disarm you with it’s deceptive charm. This is about the reinvention of Jess, all about her becoming a “new” girl. The ease with which Deschanel portrays the quirky Jess is engaging, and the three new housemates (in the series played by Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris & Jake M Johnson) are a good foil to her and each other. Greenfield’s Schmidt is very funny, often at his expense. Keep an eye out for the “douchebag jar”.

The pilot episode has many laugh out loud moments (some of which feature in the promo from the US below). Reports vary as to the success of the show, which has already aired 8 episodes of the first season. I like to think given how strong the pilot is and that the producers are working on the series to iron out the bugs that this should kick on quite nicely. When the show was released in the States the pilot was screened on Hulu ahead of the September 20 release date – a great idea and something we don’t see enough of here in Australia (it also didn’t hurt buzz for the show that the pilot was as good as it was).

Me? I just want to see more episodes of New Girl – right now.