The promise from Channel 10 that we’ll get the second season of the most compelling overseas drama this year on our screens “fast-tracked” (we still don’t know how fast) makes this first look even more appealing. The imagery with its sinister overtones; the haunting choir singing the classic from The Police adding another dimension to the meaining of the song; the long, knowing looks; and there’s the fact that WE KNOW Brody was going to kill the vice-president but chickened out. So… what now? Intrigue, and buckets of it.

Homeland S01 was a massive success for Ch10 in a year that has, on the whole, been marked by disappointment. The only fear surrounding rushing the series to Australian screens will be that when our ratings season ends in 10 weeks so will the new shows… with new episodes still being released in the US up to and over Christmas. That’ll leave at least 4 episodes of the 12 ep season that won’t make it to air in 2012 – who’ll want to wait?!

That said – Can. Not. WAIT. for Homeland season two. It is the spectacular definition of ‘appointment television’.

Homeland S02 – Coming soon, Ch10.