The Step-Mum; The African-American one; The Pretty Girl trying to make a difference; The Rouge-ish, smug, charming one.

If you’ve seen one legal procedural with a touch of relationship drama, you’ve seen them all. In the case of Fairly Legal that may be because it feels like a script-writer poached all the standard-form drama ingredients from other series in the genre and mixed them into this series without adding anything new for flavour. Except for the fact it’s set in San Francisco which it never really capitalises on.

Meet Kate Reed (Sara Shahi). Until recently she was a lawyer but decided she didn’t want to be a lawyer any more so instead has become a legal mediator. She works at the law firm her dad built, but recently he passed away, so she now lives on his boat (the “Welcome A Broad”).

Meet Lauren Reed (Virginia Williams). She’s not that much older than Kate and is Kate’s step-mum. She’s running the law firm now that her husband “Teddy” has passed away, and is seen by many as a trophy wife. Not Kate though – Kate and Lauren don’t get on (fancy that)… they’re the original odd couple.

Meet Justin Patrick (Michael Trucco). He’s the smug and charming assistant District Attorney, and Kate’s ex-husband. He’s aggressive in his work life and provides many of the opportunities Kate has to mediate (luckily!). Though they’ve broken up they’re not yet divorced, and still manage a booty call from time-to-time, though it shames Kate each time she lets him back into her personal life… they’re the original odd couple.

Meet Leonardo “Leo” Prince (Baron Vaughn). He’s Kate’s quirky and incredibly loyal assistant. As an African-American he provides some sass and equal opportunity hope in legal firm where all the lawyers are white. He knows how to cover for his boss and is a passionate gamer, always talking about his online exploits… they’re the original odd couple.

Add in some bit players (Kate’s stay-at-home-Dad brother who let’s his husband go out to work and earn the cash; a grumpy judge played by Gerald “Major Dad” McRaney; and the mysterious stranger played by Richard “MacGyver” Dean “Stargate” Anderson) and you’ve got yourself a cut-and-dried cut-and-paste drama.

If Fairly Legal were any good, Channel 7 wouldn’t be burying in their schedule. Take heed, people – if the network doesn’t like it then you’re not expected to either.

Fairly Legal – Tue 10:20pm, Ch7.