He's serious, he's sexy, and he's all Channel 7's...

A blind date can bring about many feelings: anticipation, anxiety, nerves. Selecting your blind date only from a menu that the potential beau will prepare offers a few more, mainly centred around food hygiene.

Channel 7 hopes to squarely cash in on the personality du jour in Manu Feildel with Dinner Date, the latest dating reality program to hit our screens. Manu does more than top and tail the program – his pieces to camera are interwoven helping shift the focus between the three dates and the success therein (opportunity missed to have him comment on the menus). After that, it’s all narrated by the people invovled in the date and a separate narrator – not Manu. Feels kinda clunky but they get away with it.

In the first episode we meet single mum Simone – and from her 5 menus she selects her 3 dinner dates: Nick, Marc & Drew. The path to love is not an eaily trod one, and each date has it’s own special moments. After the three dates, Simone gets to choose one of the men to take on a second date “experience” and we all get to tag along. From voyeur to awkward in one foul swoop.

The second date experience has a BIG Perfect Match vibe, and then over the closing credits we’re treated to Simone and her date talking about how it went. Hang around for the very end of the credits to find out if Simone and her choice have indeed found true love with each other.

It’s tawdry, uncomfortable, and insanely fun to watch (in the same vein as Four Weddings is fun to watch). You’d just never want to star on the show – unless you’re a complete extrovert, in which case have at it.

Dinner Date – Tue 9:30pm, Ch7.