Entirely pleasant and engaging as a food show, Adam Liaw, Renee Lim & Lily Serna lead us from this Thursday around Australia to find their Destination Flavour.

Over the first episodes Liaw warms into his hosting role. The series two MasterChef winner is, like all the television he’s been involved with previously, extremely relaxed in front of the camera and it treats him very kindly. Likewise Lim & Serna are also comfortable in their story/hosting roles, if a little overly-enthusiastic (innocently, I’m sure).

What proves to be an interesting take on the “normal cooking show” is that all three hosts are present in the stories through pieces to camera and via narration but are never the focus. The food and amazing landscapes are certainly the heroes of this televisual dish.

The story around the tastes, smells and flavours are just as important as the people who make them, and the trio of hosts are as much excited by the journey as the destination. All recipes are available online for those wanting to replicate that which they see, and there’s a quick walkthrough of the core dishes to give you a hint but not to spoon feed you.

It’s a very easy half hour of television to watch, presented by people who seem to genuinely love what they’re doing. A pleasant destination indeed.

Destination Flavour – Thu 8pm, SBS one.