“…Or you could just get back in your car and drive away.”
“Now why would I do that?”
“Because some roads you shouldn’t go down. Because maps used to say There Be Dragons Here. But that don’t mean the dragons aren’t there.”

Fargo comes to TV with a whole lot of snow, Minnesota nice and the perfect amount of menace mixed with murder. The 10 episode adaptation of the Coen Brother’s film of the same name slides onto the small screen adapted by Noah Hawley and features more “true” crime in the same style as the 1996 feature film. To add to the mix Joel & Ethan Coen have co-written 3 eps, you betcha.

Terrible things happen, don’cha know.

It’s measured delivery and stark framing along with a very tight script allows the cast to shine amidst the bleakness of backdrop. Martin Freeman surprises with his Minnesotan (almost Canadian) accent. He’s polite to a fault as the downtrodden insurance salesman Lester Nygaard, the very real centre of an unreal turn of events when Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) comes to town. Thornton again proving why he’s one of the best bad guys in the business with his short, determined and violent delivery.

Deputy Allison Tolman (Molly Solverson) & Bill Oswalt (Bob Odenkirk) are the perfect pair to head up the Bemidji Sherrif’s office. Odernkirk’s timing is delightful as usual while Tolman captivates with her persistent inquisitiveness. Duluth Deputy Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks) also solid as the single dad unknowingly drawn into the drama when confronted by a killer.

Perfectly paced & polite Fargo will very likely be your new favourite TV show, and that’s entirely reasonable.

Fargo (10 eps) – starts Thu May 1 8:30pm (double episode), SBS one.