Isn't just "Three Men" by now?

Two & a Half Men. It spreads like an insidious cancer across Channel 9’s programming schedule, and even repeats rate consistently in the Top 10 shows of the night. Outrageous. Monday night (01/11/10), the new epsiode rated THIRD at 1.316M – the highest rating non-news show of the evening, even nudging out Channel 10’s big mover Undercover Boss.

Just into it’s 8th season (or 7 long years, as the gags continue to remind us) the show has a fan base – no question. They’ll seemingly follow it anywhere, across digital multi-channels and slotted in at the last minute in place of other shows. It’s The Simpsons Ch9 needed to have. I just don’t get it. Chuck Lorre (creator/producer) has as impressive back catalogue of shows – sitcoms predominantly – to rest on (Roseanne, Dharma & Greg). He even wrote the hit “French Kissin’ in the USA” for Debbie Harry. He’s not short of a quid. Certainly not after 7 seasons of the nightmare that is T&AHM. Can’t he make it end? PLEASE won’t someone think of the children & make it end?…

Given how well this episode performed, I have subsequently reviewed it for your reading pleasure. These are my thoughts, raw & random, as the show played out. I have included, for your benefit, the highlight of the episode to punctuate my point.

Two & a Half Men – S08E03

  • Alan is/has/nearly moving out. Then, he has a “one time thing” with an old girlfriend Melissa back at Charlie’s house. Charlie’s well of sex has all dried up.
  • Alan & Charlie’s schtick is old. Nothing new there. On the plus side, Courtney Thorne-Smith in lingerie – WIN!
  • The “half a man” is now more man than Alan.
  • Ludicrous shenanigans. What woman announces “we’ll talk about it AFTER we have sex”?!?!
  • The running gag with the pipe/Alan as Bing crosby was kinda funny.
  • “My episiotomy still itches.” Cue laugh track. Sheesh.
  • Alan with two women on the hook & Charlie with none…
  • Charlie being kneed in the nuts is karma perfected, however.
  • Who wears a watch to bed to have sex?!
  • Oh look. The house burned down. Oh the hilarity.

Am I a misguided fool, or someone who truly understands what trashy television is?


Image/Video sources: Warner Bros, Channel 9.