Channel Ten surprised even themselves when they announced on The Project that they would be starting their new early morning news program Breakfast today, off the back of news that Kevin Rudd had resigned as Foreign Minister. Not a bad move for a soft launch, allowing them to get a couple of days in early and find their feet.

The show was engaging and interesting, the set was distracting, and the three central hosts Andrew Rochford, Paul Henry and Kathryn Robinson struggled a little to find their feet with each other though that will come with time. Time is the key element here – many are wondering how long Ch10 will give the show to prove itself against commercial rivals Sunrise on Ch7 & Today on Ch9. If the Ch10 bosses knee jerk on it due to ratings it won’t have the chance to develop the ‘maturity’ the other programs deliver.

A sign of this maturity is reflected in how the shows carried the hastily delivered press conferences from Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. It was announced early that the PM would deliver a conference at 9am Adelaide time (which quickly became 9:45am), and Rudd dropped another surprise press conference at just after 9am AEST. Both Ch7 & Ch9 carried the press conferences live into all eastern states and South Australia, but Ch10 pushed on with a delayed telecast in Qld & SA. It was a tough decision that just felt wrong.

The press release afterwards was quite bouyant:


TEN promised to deliver a show that was unexpected and at 6am this morning, Breakfast lived up to its name.

Following yesterday’s surprise resignation of Kevin Rudd, Breakfast with Paul Henry, Andrew Rochford and Kathryn Robinson launched 4 days ahead of schedule.

Dominated by the political story of the day, guest line-up included political heavyweight Julie Bishop, Labor party strategist Bruce Walker and Labor senator Doug Cameron.

In case you missed Breakfast, see full interviews on the website

A shame they got Bruce Hawker’s name wrong. Not like he was their first guest ever or anything.

There’s some parts to tighten, and the hosts will find their metre with each other. The graphics are very colourful. On the whole Breakfast was an enjoyable alternative to the other offerings available at the same time. It will indeed be interesting to see what the audience thought of it by way of ratings tomorrow morning.