Since 2005 Ready Steady Cook has been a staple of afternoon television on Channel 10. At first the emminently capable and pleasant (and former chef) Nick Stratford hosted, and did so with ease – his experience in the kitchen paid off. Then, in 2006, what we here at MolksTVTalk like to refer to as “the dark days” came upon the home of the tomato and the capsicum. Peter Everett took over the hosting role and minced his way around the studio like a toff on heat, interfering all over the place and generally getting in the way of anything close to cooking.

For whatever blessed reason, the decision was made to part ways with Everett and put him out to pasture. They sent him “up the farm”, I guess.

Enter Colin Lane, resident tag-team member of The Circle and a comedian of strong lineage and experience. Given his first episode aired on Tuesday 14 June, he was a little nervous but paced himself well. It could have very easily descended into a Lano & Woodley-style farce (and it wouldn’t have been outrageous if it had), but Colin stayed the ship and did a great job. He was affable. He interacted well with the chefs and the contestants. The studio audience seemed to love him (but the they “ooh” and “ahh” at the reveal of ingredients like avocado, so they’re no benchmark).

While it’s not going to burn a hole in the ratings for the network (averaging around 180,000 for the timeslot), it’s a fun show that brings some enjoyable Australian content to the screen. Lane makes the show work again – fun for stay at home mums, the ill, the infirmed and the long-term unemployed alike.


Ready Steady Cook – Weekdays 2pm, Ch10.