Congratulations to Emma Duncan, crowned winner of 2011 Biggest Loser: Families series last night. She lost 62.1kg (weight loss percentage of 46.38%) and took home $100,000 for her efforts. The Westren family (Craig, Sharlene, Leigh & Lara) took out the title as the Biggest Loser Family by shedding 193.4kg (weight loss percentage of 41.1%), securing them $100,000 also. Sharlene Westren won the title of Biggest Loser of the eliminated contestants, taking home $20,000.

Emma Duncan - 2011 Biggest Loser

Congratulations should also go to trainer Tiffiny Hall for delivering the Biggest Loser in her first season with the show, and to trainer Shannan Ponton for his efforts with the Westrens. Well done also to trainers Commando Steve and Michelle Bridges, as a combined 793.7kg was lost by the 16 contestants.

It was a long series, focusing on 16 people related in some fashion in family units of 4 each assigned a trainer, stretching over 13 weeks. While the overall result is fantastic (total weight lost for all contestants = XXkg), the series struggled towards the end with the sudden return of contestants helping extend the last two weeks of the show across the non-ratings period and leaving many fans fatigued and disillusioned with the plot-extending devices used to fill the extra episodes.

After it was discussed as a “done deal” many times during the series Leigh Westren failed to propose to his partner Lara, adding fuel to the rumour that Leigh and Lara have already split as a couple due to tension over the relationship Lara and Shannan developed during the season.

The Westrens - 2011 Biggest Loser Family

Host Hayley Lewis made no mention of a ninth season of the Biggest Loser franchise, however the website clearly displays a call for entries for another families series. Channel 10 will continue to support a new iteration of the series even through lacklustre ratings this year.