Marieke lets her... um... well, you know these creative types

Poor Roo. Her job isn’t that inspiring. She just wants to be loved. And in the first episode 3 of her ex-lovers end up as corpses. Dead. Stiffs. Actually Roo would probably appreciate the latter.

The first episode of Laid was over all too quickly, but not before creator/writer Marieke Hardy had included references to Two and a Half Men, Revenge of the Nerds and Snakes on a Plane. And rightly described soy as tasting like “Steiner kids smell”.

It doesn’t miss a laugh track, it was full of laugh-out loud moments, and beautifully awkward relationship moments (who cracks on to one of your ex’s that is the mate of another one of your dead ex’s on the way home from the 2nd ex’s funeral in the back of a taxi? You? Oh, OK then.). Roo & EJ are deliciously connected and Alison Bell and Celia Pacquola are warm and generous with each other. A perfect set-up to the developing series as the pair seek to determine the connection between Roo and her fast-growing list of dead ex-partners.

It is definitely saucy, decidedly black and a whole lot of fun. The aforementioned Two and a Half Men audience won’t subscribe to it (not over enough with the dick gags), and thank God too. This is for people who like to think and laugh at the same time.

Marieke Hardy really had nothing to worry about. Laid is wonderful.