If I lived my twenties like the characters in twentysoemthing lived theirs, it’s very likely I’d not be alive today to talk about it.

While I appreciate that I’m far from the target demographic for this show, very little of it resonated as real to me. Do all Gen Y people really drink that much and avoid so much responsibility in their life? Isn’t that what your teenage years are for? To the same end, if it’s meant to be a comedy that pokes fun at a twenty-something lifestyle then jokes are missing the mark.

The show follows friends Jess (Jess Harris) and Josh (Josh Schmidt) as they search for a real job in the midst of their party-filled twenties. With little commitment or stamina to see anything through, they jump on their next crazy idea as their financial saviour after being evicted from their house in episode one. Which they treated appallingly. So with only their alcohol-dulled wits to arm them, it’s rough times ahead.

The problem isn’t the situation – it’s the characters. Jess is over-bearing and selfish, and almost entirely unlikable. Josh seems to be an innocent lacking all self-confidence who depends entirely on Jess for everything, and she takes complete advantage of it. Jess is an alpha character in search of a tribe, and the only one she can muster is Josh. And, to a lesser degree, Abby.

The highlight is Hamish Blake. He’s the only one who knows how to deliver comic lines with any certainty and proves he can actually really act. The downside is as Jess’s on again/off again love interest, he’s in it so little you’re almost begging to see where he appears next.

It’s a lifestyle entirely foreign to me, and likely why I didn’t get it. Whilst I didn’t understand it OR like it much, I do recommend you tune in to twentysomething yourself (or iView it) and make your own mind up and in the process support independent Aussie drama (God knows it needs the support). It’s six 30 minute episodes – what have you got to lose?

twentysomething – Tue 9pm, ABC2.