Day 3 and the more things are the same, the more they are different. That the Today Show runs for an extra 30min from 5:30-6am seems to deliver it no real benefit. After all it’s just the news, again, with some added colour from the team. Oh, and a very shouty Richard Reid (God help us all). Perhaps that’s why the Sunrise team look to be so perky at 6am by comparison?

The content of the news breaks is interesting to compare as you get to see what each news desk/production team thinks is more important.  There’s a lot the same, but by only watching one (I’m not advocating you watch both!) you do miss some stories not covered. On the whole, it’s a great mix.

And we’re STILL yet to have the entire line-ups head to head, although with Karl & Steve back for Today they are good to go. Unfortunately Mel was off sick today. Hopefully she’ll return tomorrow and NO ONE ELSE will be away.

With Karl back it did make me realise one thing distinctly: Karl wears a tie. Kochie does not. You think about that.

The Today Show (Ch9) – Wednesday 16/02/11

They love a good In & Out Burger gag

Hosts: Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson
News: Georgie Gardner
Sport: Ben Fordham
Weather: Steven Jacobs
Entertainment reporting: Richard Wilkins/Richard Reid

  • Oh look – it’s Karl!
  • Lisa went up to meet yesterday’s “I wake up with Today” winner. That’s nice.
  • Karl’s laugh is disturbing when talking about In n’ Out Burgers – especially at 5:30am.
  • It’s a lot more chatty & “morning silly” with Karl about.
  • Georgie relegated back to the News desk.
  • Good follow up on the Serene Branson story (the journalist that had a moment/seizure on air in a live cross about the Grammys).
  • How is Charlie Sheen doing ANYTHING news?!
  • “Lil” Stevie Jacobs running the weather from in the studio. The boys are back, baby!
  • Uh-oh… Karl & Lisa are going to make Coca-Cola later in the show. This cannot end well.
  • Jacobs cannot make enough of the establishing TC Carlos. Karl. Carlos. You do the math.
  • Hello Ali Fletcher outside the Tweed Heads hospital. That’s gotta be a fun gig.
  • Today only just picking up the twin boys burnt at home – even though it happened Monday night, and Sunrise were all over it on Tuesday… no mention by Today yesterday. Now it has it’s own live cross to outside the hospital.
  • Getting McMarried in McDonalds. Oh my McGod.
  • Karl’s very impressed he could answer a question about a space object.
  • Cholesterol is bad. BAD.
  • The generosity of many people during and as an outcome of the Qld Floods is encouraging and inspiring.
  • “Remeber all those games you used to play like Glactica and Gattaca and the like…” – Karl Stefanovic.
  • Peter Stefanovic’s cross about the Berlusconi sex charges was informative, educational & hilarious. “Bunga Bunga party.” Karl & Peter almost deserve their own show. Seriously – very funny.
  • Bunga bunga Mia Freedman indeed.
  • Here’s Lisa’s visit to Brenda to brighten up her day with yesterday’s winnings. This is genuinely nice story.
  • Sorry Brenda – a vision board? This isn’t Oprah.
  • A baby search brings out the best, the worst and the most fanatical in people. Did you see the Lady Gaga baby in the background?
  • My ultimate grocery shopping list includes a fari bit of this, butit was missing some staples – chocolate, chips, etc…
  • The whole team seems to really relax into the final half hour of the show.
  • Nobody wins money today.
  • Coke time!
  • Fordo in a white jacket, glasses and hair net would have been hilarious. Karl with the joke glasses was to be expected.
  • “Probably” a little bit darker?
  • Lisa is truthfully amazed. Between the three of them “that does taste like coke” was said 8 times in under a minute.
  • Maccas wedding again.
  • Georgie gets the bunga bunga party question on the way out, and Kerri-Anne delivers a great gag about them all sitting on the couch.

Sunrise (Ch7) – Wednesday 16/02/11

Where's Mel? Oh, sinus infection...

Hosts: Natalie Barr, David Koch
News: Samantha Armitage
Sport: Simon Reeves (Mark Baretta travelling back from V8 Supercars commitments in the Middle East)
Weather: Grant Denyer
Entertainment reporting: Nelson Aspen

  • Website hacked! Berlusconi has sex! Woolies cheats on milk prices! The River boys are in the studio!
  • Mel has a sinus infection – so Nat’s sharing the desk with Kochie.
  • The kissing competition winners are not news…
  • Grant’s at Noosa, on the beach. “The folks wanted us to come up here…” Cue Nippers.
  • A cyclone – now we’re talking!
  • The damn cow is still dancing. Please make it stop.
  • Computer says WIN!
  • Joke of the day, prune-faced Posh, Botox reduces depression – normal morning, really.
  • The “summer of sorrow” sitting of Qld Parliament is, indeed, news.
  • I have a question for the Woolworths man: Why do you inflate our petrol prices artificially AND screw us at the register? Not. Cool.
  • Molly Meldrum on the red carpet at the Brit Awards. No diamonds though.
  • Berretts is getting great mileage out of the Waratah fund video footage.
  • The Qld winner of the Cash Cow Cash was on the phone. Talks to much, shouldn’t get it. Not hard core enough, stalking the phone and watching the teevs.
  • Let’s welcome the River Boys from Home and Away who make their debut tonight. And Dan is a Kings fan. Say no more.
  • Neil Mitchell & Michael Smith bringing the opinion again. They’re so controversial.
  • Kochie’s all over this. He’s so insightful on the asulym seekers issue.
  • All around the country this morning – now to ADL to discuss “real” sizes for women’s clothes.
  • Jo Casamento talks celebrity sex scandals & Warnie (because they are separate issues).
  • So THAT’S why you’re in Noosa, Grant, you’re there to promote the Noosa Food & Wine Festival. You could have said that right from the start.
  • Money flying everywhere from the dancing cow.
  • Donna Hay looking beautiful and casual.
  • So this is what Tom Williams does now – appear randomly on Sunrise (he’s also the NPS Be Medicine Wise Ambassador). Ch7 really need to find hime a job.
  • Kochie has his angels (“Hi Kochie”); Nat has her devils.
  • Tomato, lemon & ricotta tart. If you’re into that kind of thing.
  • Mmm… Upside down Mango cake with vanilla syrup. OMG!