Wednesday night has slowed up somewhat now that Gruen Planet has finished up, but for some reason Highway Patrol (5th – 1,033,000) and Surveilance Oz (2nd – 1,089,000) continue to lead the non-News charge. The hilarious A Moody Christmas (14th – 677,000) premieres to a relatively lacklustre result (hang in there with it – it’s a bunch of fun!) and The Hamster Wheel (15th – 671,000) follows suit. Randling (27th – 434,000) finishes its run a tad ingloriously.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: A Current Affair – Ch9
7:00pm: ABC News – ABC1
7:30pm: Highway Patrol/Surveilance Oz – Ch7
8:30pm: Criminal Minds – Ch7
9:30pm: World’s Wildest Police Videos – Ch7

Channel 7 won the night (23%), followed by Channel 9 (17.9%), ABC1 (14.5%) & Channel 10 (11.4%).