(All ratings – 5 city metro combined and individual capitals – all figures in thousands)

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Primary Channels

A big start to Week 23 for Channel 7, with the long awaited Downton Abbey delivering. The follow up eps will be telling as for ratings, although it is a quality drama and will settle in with a strong audience. MasterChef Australia continues to shine for Channel 10, and while still strong some of the gloss has come off Dancing With The Stars for Ch7. Sounds like it needs a little more controversy. For the first time in almost living memory, Channel 9’s News picked up a Sunday night win nationally. Go figure.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Nine News – Ch9
6:30pm: Dancing With The Stars – Ch7
7:30pm: MasterChef Australia – Ch10
8:30pm: Downton Abbey – Ch7
9:30pm: Castle (rpt) – Ch7

Channel 7 won the night, thanks largely to a massive figure for Downton Abbey.

Digital Multi-channels

One wins the night courtesy the FIA Formula One World Championship. The 7 Network takes the night convincingly.