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Primary Channels

It seems the usual Friday curse has made it’s way to 2011 also – Friday night is going out/not watching TV night. Sure, over 1 million watched the Australian Open Tennis on Channel 7, but numbers were well down compared to the rest of the week. Even the “surprise” on the special Oprah was pretty much treated with contempt. Does anyone else find it ironic that Fridays are usually the worst days for ratings for The 7pm Project, yet that’s the night the Metro Whip is on? C’est la vie. Very good to see 6PM with George Negus up slightly on it’s decline through the week, bottoming out on Thursday at 429,000 – for those that have been watching it’s been great to see Negus’s dry take on the ‘survival’ of the show in each night’s opener and closer.

A strong showing from Ch7 and a very poor showing for Ch9 meant that Ch10 nearly – nearly – made it into the second spot. Fortunately for Ch9 strong GO! & GEM ratings saved it from that embarassment.

Digital Multi-channels

Although Neighbours won the night, 7Two’s relaxed Friday night allowed it the win for the night in the digital multi-channel stakes. GO! & GEM were solid also, proving that if there’s nothing on the primary channels to interest you, there sure is on the digitals. Even if it might be So You Think you Can Dance US.