A new ep bundled with a repeat of The Big Bang Theory (7:30pm: 1st – 1,221,000; 8pm: 2nd – 1,156,000) go large for Nine and deliver the only non-News above 1 million viewers. The Big Adventure (16th – 662,000) certainly not delivering for Seven anywhere near like they’d want it to – but then it is pretty bad. 8:30pm is soft everywhere with Big Brother (13th – 702,000) benefitting from a strong lead in and The Blacklist (21st – 593,000) suffering for the lack of one. Party Tricks (26th – 467,000) struggling full stop though with Ten’s best the Gold Coast Cops (18th – 647,000)/Territory Cops (15th – 670,000) double in that context it doesn’t look too terminal.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Nine News – Ch9
6:30pm: Seven News 6:30/Today Tonight – Ch7
7:00pm: Home & Away – Ch7
7:30pm: The Big Bang Theory (new/rpt) – Ch9
8:30pm: Big Brother – Ch9
9:30pm: Q&A – ABC

Nine Network won the night (28.3%), followed by Seven Network (27.9%), ABC Network (20.9%) & Ten Network (18.9%).