(5 city metro combined – all figures in millions)

1. Seven News – Seven – 1.182
2. Today Tonight – Seven – 1.145
3. Nine News – Nine – 1.067
4. A Current Affair – Nine – 0.995
5. Beauty and the Geek (season premiere) – Seven – 0.969
6. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Season premiere) – Nine – 0.957
7. Home and Away – Seven – 0.943
8. Keeping up with Joneses – Ten – 0.899
9. The Amazing Race – Seven – 0.894
10. ABC News – ABC – 0.886

Dishonourable mentions:
The 7PM Project – Ten – 0.625m
Hot Seat – Nine- 0.528m
Deal or No Deal – Seven – 0.496m
Cops LAC – Nine – 0.487m

Thursday night out of the usual AFL/NRL seasons continues its run as a slow night for primetime. Channel 7 continues it’s News dominance, however Channel 9 are hot on it’s heels. Beauty & the Geek won the 8:30pm slot, but only slightly over the season premiere of CSI:Las Vegas featuring Justin Beiber (I guess we know who ran the remote last night then). Cops LAC, which showed so much promise before the first episode aired, continues its slide into oblivion which is a total shame for a great cast given so little to work with. Channel 10 prove they know a reality TV sure thing with Keeping Up With The Joneses ep2 winning the 7:30pm (even though it started at 8pm) slot by a long paddock. Both 7 & 9 struggling with their leads into their respective 6pm news slots. Local content required instead of game show dross, please. Given this it’s a very sad state of affairs when an afternoon game show beats a primetime drama.