SHOCK! HORROR! The Voice Australia (1st – 1,937,000) drops below two million viewers – which, for the record, ran until 9:46pm meaning the ratings for it & the following show should be adjusted. Still the number one rating program for the night. Revenge (3rd – 1,353,000) performs well again, as does The Block (4th – 1,322,000). A Current Affair (6th – 1,185,000) gets the jump on Today Tonight (7th – 1,177,000), and MasterChef Australia (8th – 1,020,000) climbs over one million for the first time at 7pm. Tricky Business (12th – 940,000) drops below one million for it’s second episode, which will likely have Ch9 execs wondering how do they “fix” it. A great show doomed for the trash heap through impending network interference. though it did win it’s timeslot.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: A Current Affair – Ch9
7:00pm: The Block – Ch9
7:30pm: The Voice Australia (1st hour) – Ch9
8:30pm: The Voice Australia (2nd hour) – Ch9
9:30pm: Tricky Business – Ch9

Channel 9 won the night (30.1%), followed by Channel 7 (21.2%), Channel 10 (12.7%) & ABC1 (12.5%).