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Primary Channels

My, what a shiny bunch of suprises this new ratings week brings. Not least of which is another “special” A Current Affair Sunday, although the host was definitely a suprise in Karl Stefanovic. The Sunday ACA’s are rating so well this cannot be a temporary thing. I’d expect a permanent announcement with Karl as host this week. With 10 programs above 1m, we’re all entirely too predictable, and Border Security & The Force seems to have us all hooked. 8:30pm is a whole other ball game though…

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: A Current Affair Sunday – Ch9
7:00pm: Biggest Loser: Families (2nd 30min) – Ch10
7:30pm: BorderSecurity/The Force – Ch7
8:30pm: Midsomer Murders – ABC1
9:30pm: Castle – Ch7

A topsy-turvy night, but a win for Channel 9. While not consistent enough to win a week at the moment, they are starting to claw back against Channel 7. With no Packed to the Rafters this week & the premiere of the new series Winners and Losers, I wonder how Ch7 will stack up?

Digital Multi-channels

Sunday night’s comedy night on GO!, and it’s working. Big Bang Theory won the night with a Neighbours-eque lead. It also helped the 9 Network to a consolidated win (rare for that camp, at the moment, so likely welcome).