Hell hath no fury like Peter & Gary scorned – and that saw the audience flock to another episode of My Kitchen Rules (1st – 1,797,000). Apart from the major news services only Home and Away (4th – 1,024,000) broke one million viewers. Everything else suffered at the hands of MKR, though the second episode of CSI (Ep2 11th – 705,000; Ep1 12th – 643,000) did win the later 9:30pm slot. The Straits (19th – 540,000) sadly almost didn’t rate a blip up against CSI & Grey’s Anatomy (8th – 776,000), though it did better than Law & Order: SVU (21st – 460,000). The Project (23rd – 414,000) up slightly but out of the game and Excess Baggage well out of the game on GO! with only 104,000.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: Today Tonight – Ch7
7:00pm: Home and Away – Ch7
7:30pm: My Kitchen Rules – Ch7
8:30pm: Grey’s Anatomy – Ch7
9:30pm: CSI – Ch9

Channel 7 won the night (25.8%), followed by Channel 9 (17.7%), Channel 10 (11.9%) & ABC1 (9.8%).