Somewhat deservedly, Big Brother (5th – 932,000) draws the highest non-News audience (though still doesn’t beat ABC News (4th – 977,000) at 7pm) for the episode that reveals Housemate Josh left to be with his family after the sudden death of this real life Big Brother. Brynne: My Bedazzled Life (10th – 809,000) down on last week but still hanging in with a reasonable audience. Rake (11th – 802,000) continues its solid run though again it was just seen away by Beauty and the Geek Australia (8th – 852,000). The second & final episode of Ray Hadley’s Inside (25th – 490,000) couldn’t compete with the premiere of The Unbelievable Truth (19th – 568,000).

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Nine News – Ch9
6:30pm: A Current Affair – Ch9
7:00pm: ABC News – ABC1
7:30pm: Big Brother/Confidential – Ch9
8:30pm: Beauty and the Geek Australia – Ch7
9:30pm: The Unbelievable Truth – Ch7

Channel 9 won the night (19.4%), followed by Channel 7 (18.3%), ABC1 (13.3%) & Channel 10 (13.2%).