When you run a two hour ep on a Wednesday night there’s nearly no way you won’t win. House Rules (1st – 1,527,000) takes the crown against MasterChef Australia (8th – 847,000), Offspring (9th – 804,000), Spicks and Specks (31st – 308,000) and the final Jonah from Tonga (43rd – 246,000) (which limped into the night somewhat unceremoniously – and ironically, given the last ep’s content). Once it finished The Goldbergs (14th – 700,00) carried Seven’s hopes for a short time but it was too late for many to care. Nine’s special CSI (20th – 504,000) couldn’t gather much attention either.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: Seven News/Today Tonight – Ch7
7:00pm: Home and Away – Ch7
7:30pm: House Rules (1st hour) – Ch7
8:30pm: House Rules (2nd hour) – Ch7
9:30pm: The Goldbergs/MOVIE: Bruce Almighty – Ch7

Seven Network won the night (36.1%), followed by Nine Network (25.8%), Ten Network (19.4%) & ABC Network (13.5%).