A good result for Australia’s Got Talent (Show: 4th – 1,166,000; Winner: 1st – 1,391,000) but certainly down on what Nine would have hoped for. Dancing With The Stars (6th – 1,075,000) does its bit to spoil Nine’s party. The special Just For Laughs (11th – 561,000) doesn’t do so great though Seven hardly gave it high priority. Ten has product spread throughout the middle and lower end of the Top 20 (e.g. Have You Been Paying Attention? (19th – 420,000)) though more than it’s had in a long time.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Nine News – Ch9
6:30pm: Australia’s Got Talent – Ch9
7:30pm: Australia’s Got Talent – Winner Announced/60 Minutes – Ch9
8:30pm: 60 Minutes/MOVIE: The Tourist – Ch9
9:30pm: Just For Laughs (2nd hour) – Ch7

Channel 9 won the night (24.8%), followed by Channel 7 (20.3%), Channel 10 (12.1%) & ABC1 (9.9%).