Big Bang Theory still a winner for Channel 9, especially in the non-ratings period when it seems to be on ALL. THE. TIME. Both episodes in the 7:30pm hour rated above one million viewers, and the 7pm repeat still came in 9th (856,000). Perhaps Chuck Lorre should abandon Two and a Half Men & concentrate on this puppy? The repeat of the Queen Mary 2 Mighty Ships (7th; 895,000) episode still performed well but not good enough by comparison at 7:30pm. Channel 10 again struggled with only 3 shows in the Top 20; one non-News in Modern Family (12th; 724,000) which even in repeats is great viewing. A tragedy that The Glades isn’t featuring. Good to see some great summer drama in The Hour (20th; 552,000) pull some OK numbers – again, people will watch good drama when they are offered it.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: Today Tonight – Ch7
7:00pm: Big Bang Theory – Ch9
7:30pm: Big Bang Theory – Ch9
8:30pm: The Mentalist – Ch9
9:30pm: Harry’s Law – Ch9

Channel 9 won the night (21.2%), followed by Channel 7 (20.2%), ABC1 (12.9%) & Channel 10 (11.5%).