(All ratings – 5 city metro combined and individual capitals – all figures in thousands)

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Primary Channels

Surpirse! With very little fanfare other than some tweet warnings early afternoon, Ch9 launched it’s own national “First at 5” news bulletin. Ratings for this one are hard to track down given the late change, however given it has been announced it will be every Saturday and Sunday from now on in addition to their local 6pm bulletin on the weekends… it’s interesting.

All 3 commercial networks ran Flood/Cyclone specials through the 6pm-7:30pm timeslots, with Channel 7’s winning the day off the back of their News service winning the night locally (and nationally). Channels 9 and 10 were a distant 2nd & 3rd to Channel 7 for the day, resulting in a weekly win for the network additionally.

Digital Multi-channels

If you’re old or you like English drama, 7Two is the place to be on Saturday nights. No one really watched anything else of note. The nearest any competing free-to-air digital multi came close was a repeat of Everybody Loves Raymond on Eleven – in 18th place. 7Two won the week ahead of GO!, Eleven, 7mate & GEM.