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Primary Channels

NOTE: Due to the altered schedule owed to coverage of Tropical Cyclone Yasi, these numbers are considered to be preliminary.
Tough to make too accurate a call on last night’s ratings due to their preliminary nature today. Certainly impressions: Ch9 were committed to the ODI Cricket, and it was a great game. Ch7 in Qld had rolling cyclone coverage (until 1am local time) and so the My Kitchen Rules match up against Biggest Loser: Families for the first real reality showdown of the season will have to wait. Blue Bloods performed well on debut. Preliminary ratings are what they are… and as they stand, it did mean that Ch9 won the night, although Ch7 won News. 6PM with George Negus holding steady in the mid-400’s.

Digital Multi-channels

Neighbours pulls nearly 400K, offering a big win for it as overall show and pushing Eleven into second spot behind 7Two. It seems the “animation fixation” night is resonating well. ABC News 24 has popped up a bit too, mainly due to it’s rolling cyclone coverage as well (I’d expect).