How well do you know your brands and popular culture? Are you ready to put it to the test?


The Logo Board Game will challenge you and reveal just how much advertising has worked on you (possibly revealing more than you realised!).

Each player in turn is asked a series of questions from a card, and as they get the questions right you progress around the board until one competitor is declared the winner. Which sounds easy, right? But can you complete a series of questions on just one well-known brand? Identify it by it’s catchphrase or the colours used in its logo? Can you name the biscuit just from a picture of it?

We gave it a few test runs as a family and while Mr9 and Miss7 were stumped a few times it surprised me just how much they knew (already!) about different products and brands. LovelyWife did a great job too, while some subjects/brands caught me out.

The Logo Board Game is a bunch of fun for anyone from about 10 or 12 up – and it’s become a game that’s a regular (and favourite!) in our family roster very quickly. Watching TV or being the primary grocery shopper will indeed be to your advantage, but be aware… with hundreds of question cards spread across a variety of brands and topics, it’s unlikely you’ll know everything!

The Logo Board Game – RRP $35; Available at all major retailers.