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Airing via green button right now on Lifestyle Food, Lifestyle Home, Lifestyle You, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Arena, E!, Fox 8 and Premiere on Foxtel, Australian Frank Camorra and Spaniard Diego Guerrero are showcasing the essence of the Mediterranean life on their new gastronomic show?"The Good Life Recipe".

Camorra is well known in Australian food circles as a chef of the highest standard. Guerrero is no slouch himself with two Michelin stars and featuring as Olive Oils from Spain’s international brand ambassador.

Using the best ingredients, including olive oils from Spain, Camorra opens the doors of his restaurant Movida to present a fusion of cuisines highlighting the gastronomic diversity of Australia. Over the course of four episodes, Frank and Diego will show how to prepare delicious, healthy dishes featuring the fresh taste of Olive Oils from Spain, allowing you to discover how to enhance the flavours of your breakfast, main meals and even desserts.

The recipes are easily accessible to cooks of all levels and highlight the health benefits and versatility of olive oils from Spain.

It’s an engaging look behind the scenes at one of Australia’s finest restaurants and the ingredients they use.

With more than 2.5 million hectares of olive groves encompassing almost 300 million olive trees in Spain, Olive Oils of Spain are keen to showcase the spectrum of flavours, aromas and textures that make it unique in the world (Spain produces over 260 different olive varieties which broaden the palate). Spain is the market leader in the olive oil industry and bring a great sense of heritage and history to modern cuisine.

Don’t miss the 4 episodes and check out the recipes – they are worth trying out!

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