An interesting move last night to have Channel 10 announce a significant change to their Super Sunday line-up, with The Biggest Loser moving into the 6:30pm timeslot on Sunday, and Young Talent Time “moving to Fridays”… but no mention of start date or into what timeslot. All we saw as an ad during Loser. Curious.

The 2012 YTT reboot started well (1,050,000 for it’s first outing), but week on week has slid significantly to settle in mid-600’s – nowhere near what the network would be hoping it would achieve against long-form current affairs and reality/documentary television. Curiously the ads are out but no media release confirming anything. Is this another mis-step from Ch10 PR or an intentional glossing over explaining why YTT is being put out to pasture?

Perhaps the saccharine approach to programming isn’t resonating with audiences? The kids are necessarily squeaky clean and singing songs with lyrics that are slightly older than they should be emoting, but the tween population loves it. And I mean *LOVES* it. However 6:30pm on a school night is a tough gig when Mum & Dad want to watch other things too, and therein lies the problem. The show isn’t live-streamed on the internet, and so a large swathe of the key demo are missing the show on Sunday night, making it hard to be the bubbler-talk of Monday. Adults will watch YTT, but it does make them look at little creepy unless that’s their kid singing/gyrating/miming up there.

Will YTT survive? I sure hope so. It’s a safe space for our up and coming performers to cut their teeth on live TV. It’s a safe space away from the kind of people you don’t want your kid mixing with backstage compared to the contestants of reality-performance/competition shows. You only had to attend the casting for YTT (I was lucky to check out one day of the Brisbane casting – it was equal parts amazing and awkward at the same time) to see the interest in it. YTT has massive potential – Channel 10 just need to man up, back it, tweak it and push it. The audience will get over their cliched angst about the show if they’re forced to (and right now, there’s nothing to say they have to).

Announcer: And now, get set for our fabulous halftime show, featuring the well-groomed young go-getters of `Hooray for Everything!’
Homer: Oh, I love those kids. They’ve got such a great attitude!

The Simpsons: Bart vs Thanksgiving.

UPDATE: A press release has surfaced about the changes…

Commencing Sunday March 25, TEN’s Super Sunday line up gets a makeover with everyone’s favourite weight loss show The Biggest Loser moving to Sundays 6:30pm as the competition heats up for the run to finale.

Witness some jaw dropping transformations during this special “Makeover” week as the contestants’ new looks are unveiled for the very first time. Friends, family and trainers come together to celebrate some amazing reveals as the contestants take to the catwalk.

Join them on their journey as it travels forward from Sundays (6:30pm) through to Thursday (7pm weeknights).

David Mott, Chief Programming Officer, Network Ten, said: “As we move through the year we will continue to reinvigorate our Super Sunday line up and our move this weekend of The Biggest Loser to Sundays at 6:30pm is perfect timing as the competition really takes hold.”

Sunday’s shift opens the door for TEN’s favourite entertainment show Young Talent Time to take hold of the family friendly timeslot of 7pm Fridays from March 30.

“We’ve built Friday nights as a space for family friendly entertainment, fun light programming and now the perfect fit for Young Talent Time as it heads into the big semi final and finals weeks. The first Friday is a Michael Jackson special and audiences are going to love it.”

The YTT cast perform MJ’s classic tracks Man In The Mirror, Blame It On The Boogie, Can You Feel It and more, plus judge and world renowned choreographer Chucky Klapow takes to the stage to perform an MJ inspired dance number. There’s more but you’ll have to tune in to see, 7pm Fridays from March 30.

TEN’s new Super Sunday kicks in from March 25.

6pm The Project
6:30pm The Biggest Loser
7:30pm Modern Family
8pm New Girl
8:30pm Homeland – feature length finale

Young Talent Time – Fri 7pm (presumably), Ch10.