Yes, they're real

At it’s simplest it was a pop artist answering some questions and performing in a perspex cube. Beyond that, it was everything the Lady Gaga machine was expected to deliver and more.

An entertaining 15 minute conversation-style interview with Tracy Grimshaw (further proving herself as the key point of difference between A Current Affair and the shows’s competitors), followed by a 12 minute performance with and without singers and backing track, Lady Gaga again showed why she’s one of the most compelling entertainers in the world today. An enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in some alfoil and covered in sparkly things.

The interview itself was interesting – she spoke of being bullied as a child, and voiced her support for the legalisation of gay marriage – some might say easy to play to the populist agenda, however it was delivered as genuine and seemingly heartfelt. An amazing outfit for the interview, changed for the performance, and the studio audience lapped it up. Lookout for the ratings, it’s sure to be a killer.

The performance of Lady Gaga this Wednesday night in Sydney will be broadcast on GO! from 6pm Friday July 29.