To say the TV Week Logies telecast has gotten dry over the past few years is an understatement. The celebs embraced Twitter, and it got interesting again (for the wrong reasons). Then mobile phones were banned, and here we are at the other side of the interest bell curve.

Then, one day, three crazy kids had an idea. If Roy & HG can commentate the gymnastics and do it in a manner that is hilarious and attracts many people, then surely 3 TV nerds in Brisbane can gather enough other people to do the same around the Logies this Sunday night and entertain at least themselves?!

This Sunday night, from 7:30pm, MolksTVTalk and Televised Revolution present: the #Logies #LiveCall.

Dan Barrett & Simon Band, along with your humble Molk, will be anchoring a commentary available only online so that only the most¬†enlightened and possibly doped-out viewers can have an alternative¬†perspective on what’s going on over on Channel 9 for most of the night. We’ll be collating what’s happening on twitter, adding our own thoughts to the mix, as well as providing an audio commentary track that promises to be at least as interesting as Shane Bourne’s pre-written gags. At. Least. As. Good.

So turn down your TV and turn up your internets, cause it’ll likely be the most honest thing you’ll hear all night.

The means to listen in to our conversation (feed link to be posted) will be made available and advertised here on Sunday 01 May. Stay tuned! Get excited! Get involved! Exclamation points!!!!!11!!!!