TV isn’t always lovely. Or awesome. Or wonderful. Sometimes it’s just downright horrible. Stuff that should never be seen gets seen or the idea was so poorly executed that… well… we all have good enough memories for things like The Shire (best accidental comedy in 2012) or Come Dine With Me (buried for two years and then run over this summer on Eleven but they couldn’t show the last episode for legal reasons).

I hope I’m wrong with this list as far as these shows becoming successes. $20 says I’m at least 75% right…

Tractor Monkeys S03 – Though it improved in a rushed season two at the end of 2013, it wasn’t enough to not sign off on the do not resuscitate order this show requires.
Soul Mates – The Bondi Hipsters are not funny.

Channel 7
Dancing With The Stars S14 – No question the addition of Edwina Bartholomew to the hosting team with Dan MacPherson made all the difference. They’re both great. We’ve just run out of “celebrities”.
Bringing Sexy Back – I didn’t know it had gone away. A fluff piece designed to lift Sam Armytage’s profile that Seven Executives will think is a higher class Biggest Loser. It won’t be.

Channel 9
Australia’s Got Talent – No word it’s coming back – yet. The delightful Julia Morris did the best she could in putting lipstick on this pig and sadly it didn’t amount to enough last year. Let’s all be polite and hope the show is never mentioned as an idea again.
Arrow S02 – OK, we get it. He can do chin-ups that allow him to climb a ladder. It’s like the Batman and Robin getting out of the Batmobile stock footage – overused.
Married At First Sight – What could go wrong with a reality show where the contestants are matched, they meet at the altar and are “married” and then live together as a married couple to see if they make it. Television producers, not marriage equality, is the real threat here people.

Channel 10
Wonderland S02 – Ch10’s tilt at a Packed To The Rafters style drama just makes you think “Why wouldn’t I be watching Packed To The Rafters then?”. Blunderland indeed.
The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia – “The trainers will transform a town by selecting 14 people…” Anyone else spot a problem with this logic?
Under The Dome S02 – Enough said.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne – There’s nothing real about them, they’re not housewives, and one of them moved from Sydney to be involved. It’s abhorrent television that should be burned in the fires of Mount Doom.

My blog, my opinion. I’m likely wrong anyway. These predictions are made (in most cases) sight unseen/only having seen a promo/read the premise from a press release. What do YOU think will be a hit in 2014?