Depending on what you think of his previous efforts (We Could Be Heroes & Summer Heights High), you’ll either think Chris Lilley is the comedic messiah or a complete waste of “our taxpayer funding to that liberal bitch, the ABC”. Each to their own, I guess.

His long awaited (by some) new series – Angry Boys is almost with us, and as some promotional sizzle, this promo for the series was released today:

The critics have been swift and harsh: “I want my 30 seconds back.” “Haven’t we seen all these characters before?” “Why does the new Cottees cordial concentrate taste like crap?!”

(Ok, maybe that last one was me expressing some frustration.)

We’ve not had a great run recently with Australian comedy, particularly sketch comedy (which is all this and all Lilley vehicles are, though very well written together). Lord knows we need a messiah right about now.

What do you think? Are you a Lilley fan or frowner? Will Angry Boys hit the spot or miss the mark?