ex-pat Aussie Brett Snelgrove describes his new web series NEW EDEN as a show that “will appeal to South Park and sci-fi fans alike. And anyone who wants to see cool frick’n monsters make grown men poo their pants”. It doesn’t hurt that it’s hilarious to boot.

Set to launch online later in May, NEW EDEN follows the adventures of bickering odd couple Murray and Hamilton, two starship crewmen marooned and fighting for their lives on a primordial world after their starship crash lands on the wrong planet! It’s an off-kilter take on your usual science-fiction story and one with an earthiness and integrity only a web series can offer (short of getting a run on HBO). Eighteen months in creation, NEW EDEN saw creative duo Brett and Freek joined forces after initially connecting on independent film site Shooting People.

“Freek and I have actually only met in person twice. Our primary form of communication is Skype and email. Lots of email,” says Brett.

Dutch animator and fellow co-creator Freek van Haagen adds “we’re sci-fi geeks at heart but a little twisted so you can expect plenty of slapstick, witty banter and gross out humour. All the good stuff! Initially we spent four months developing the look and feel for the series; working on the concept, scripts and character designs. We then spent another twelve month working around jobs, family and you know life to animate the pilot”.

“Audiences are hungry for new original digital content,” says Brett

“Our target audience immediately turn to their laptops or smart phones instead of their TV’s these days for entertainment. With so much content readily available online, it’s an exciting time for independent web creators,” says Freek.

Brett and Freek are working with branded content agency Krempelwood to attract sponsorship in the hope of turning New Eden into an online series. “The rule of thumb nowadays for independent creators is the content comes first, then the audience and then finally the money,” says Brett. “We are aiming to build an audience by delivering nine weeks of additional content around the pilot’s release,” says Freek.

In the lead up to the pilot’s launch, videos and animated extras will be released online. Immediately afterwards animated skits will debut in conjunction with a New Eden Facebook game. The New Eden pilot will premiere on YouTube and Vimeo on Tuesday May 29.

Fans can find out more about New Eden on their official website and Facebook page, and follow the team on Twitter or Google Plus.