With the ratings season starting up again this Sunday with Week 8 (Week 16 for 2012), so begins the biggest battle of reality television we’ve seen in some time. It’s not just a little bit – every commercial channel has it, with at least one network dedicating almost the entire evening on multiple nights to various reality formats.

As I’m really helpful, I’ve prepared this guide for the coming week so you know what’s on when and what you might want to avoid. HINT: If you don’t like reality TV, your decision will pretty much be made for you already.

With two big formats launching – one new (The Voice Australia on Ch9), one in its twelfth season (Dancing With The Stars on Ch7) – there’s gonna be a winner and a loser. Too tight to call early on as both have their big pros and cons. There’s also the dying gasps of The Biggest Loser Australia flying around in the background too. No question the Logies (Ch9) should take out the night but with the broadcast spread across four hours it’ll be tough to maintain an average above 1.3 million (which will be what is required). Either way, there’s always Avatar (Ch10) to fall back on.

If nothing else The Block (Ch9) is back at 7pm, roaring to life against The Biggest Loser Australia (Ch10). Then Ch7 layer Australia’s Got Talent on top of all of that and it’s a reality fest across all three commercial primary channels. To add to the embarrassment of riches, Ch7 also has Revenge returning so it should be a big 1-2 knockout for the big red train, though Ch9 will had a good swing with the aforementioned Block & continuing auditions from The Voice Australia.

At this point it’s pretty simple:
Ch7 – More Australia’s Got Talent, with added new eps of Packed To The Rafters & Parenthood.
Ch9 – More The Block into The Voice Australia, and then new Big Bang Theory into Top Gear UK (make of those last two what you will).
Ch10 – The Biggest Loser Australia followed by new episodes of Bondi Vet and NCIS.

The stripped reality of The Block (Ch9) continues, as does Australia’s Got Talent (Ch7) and a 90 minute episode of The Biggest Loser Australia. The follow up to each of these shows is pretty serious though: Ch7 are finally starting the screening of the 6-part series Titanic with a double ep; Ch9 launch the second series of Celebrity Apprentice Australia with a 90 minute ep; and Ch10 start season three of Offspring. PVR’s at the ready.

Ch7 finally have a rest and leave the reality competition to The Block (Ch9) & The Biggest Loser Australia (Ch10). After that it’s only Ch9 that continue with another episode of Celebrity Apprentice Australia as Ch10 go to Glee and then not much else. Things gently start to slow down.

By the time we make it to the end of the week, everyone should be pretty pooped. Ch9 have the final episode of The Block for the week while the other networks fall to sport or movies (though Ch10 do have Young Talent Time for those interested). With all that done, you get Saturday to recover before a whole bunch of other new programming starts up, plus the additional eps of everything that started this week!