My day job gets in the way sometimes. 😉 I’ll be in Canada and the United States of America for the next two weeks, with limited ability to watch any Australian TV, so the number of stories will thin out a little while I’m away.

We’ll still keep you across the finale of The Biggest Loser Australia, the launch of season four of MasterChef, the ongoing juggernaut that is The Voice Australia, and the daily ratings as they come to hand. If there’s a story pop-up and a press release attached, we’ll publish it here. I’ll also be keeping a number of radio spots while I’m away, so keep your ears peeled for me on your local radio over the next two weeks as I keep you informed of not only what’s happening on Aussie TV but also what’s going on overseas. Josh & I may even pop out a podcast or two with me away.

It’ll be quite the trip – if you’re interested in keeping track of what I’m doing, apart from following me on twitter (and checking the #MolkInTheUSA hashtag), you can check out my tumblr MolkInTheUSA. There’s sure to be a whole bunch of activity on both of those… just maybe not at an Australian appropriate time. Still: INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION!

Your regularly scheduled Molk-based service returns on May 22. Thanks so much for being an loyal reader of MolksTVTalk!