For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be reporting (on and off) live from America. Atlanta the first week, Miami/New York the second. It’s looking to be a spectacular trip (I’m over here for a Microsoft conference as a part of my “day job”.

So, updates will be less frequent than normal. I will still write, and the stories will likely have a more American flavour (How good is Hulu, what’s on the box here, what’s new, my visit to the CNN center, and so on). I hope you enjoy these entries, and feel free to drop comments with ideas for stories, too. If you’d like to keep up with how my trip is progressing and all the weirdness it entails, check out my Molk In The USA Tumblr, or follow my #MolkInTheUSA hashtag on Twitter.

I’ll be keeping an eye on what’s happening in Australia, including the launch of The Amazing Race Australia on Monday from MolksterChef still. But you will still have a chance to miss me.

Regular programming will resume in early June.