With the announcement Melissa Doyle will be leaving Sunrise in coming weeks for a “primetime News/Current Affairs program” the rumour mill has swung into overdrive as to what that would mean? Will Seven move the popular breakfast presenter to the 6pm Newsdesk or is something else on the table? Given the momentary success Seven had with a combined news hour earlier in the year will this be the project that enticed Doyle away from the show that has made her a household name (their move to revisit this abridged programming is encouraged).

It’s become obvious that National News Director Rob Raschke has intentions to shake things up with sources today confirming Doyle will indeed front a 7pm News/Current Affairs bulletin on 7Two, and may also have a role in the 4:30 News on Seven. The former a prescient move given the analogue signal shutdown completes this year and opens the way for the elevation of the digital multi-channels as the TV landscape changes again.

How former Today Tonight host Matt White fits into the picture is yet to be determined – he was to have joined Doyle in the hosting duties at 7pm though there appears to be a spanner in the works with his ink not yet on paper.

Chris Bath & Jim Wilson have just both re-signed (Wilson yesterday; Bath today) with the network for another three years, securing their roles and putting paid to discussion around their demise form the Sydney 6pm Newsdesk.

The final piece in the puzzle is who fills the chair on Weekend Sunrise next to Andrew O’Keeffe with Sam Armytage being elevated to the weekday seat next to David Koch – Monique Wright would be the obvious choice though with her new role on The Daily Edition it seems unlikely… but given these announcements, anything is possible.

UPDATE: Now confirmed Matt White has signed on and will co-host the 4:30pm News Bulletin on Seven with Melissa Doyle, with sport from Jim Wilson. Doyle to host 7pm as a solo.