It’s far more than the “little show that could” – The Living Room consistently delivers fun, relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle TV every Friday night for over two and a half years and this week it clocks up a milestone that not many other programs these days can boast about. 100 episodes.

Ably hosted by Amanda Keller and joined by Barry Du Bois, Miguel Maestre & Dr Chris Brown as co-anchors The Living Room offers, week after week, a great way to settle into your weekend. They’ve a raft of experts to draw on too, including Dr Andrew Rochford, Lily Van Epen, Jason Cunningham and more.

Keller’s wit from hours in breakfast radio is given a greater voice, as is the humour shared amongst the team. Barry’s gentle approach – something not often seen from Master Builders – has made him a fan favourite. Brown & Maestre’s two-handed segments always prove you have more fun when you’re hanging with your mates.

Six months into their run I had the chance to meet the core team and interview them…

With Ten struggling for shows to gain traction in the market The Living Room continues to be a highlight in their schedule. The hosts have a great rapport on screen (and off) and clearly have a great time delivering a broad range of interesting stories and segments. It’s also offered a vehicle for some really nice people to broaden their fanbase by showing how flexible they are as presenters and people.

Congratulations to the team at The Living Room & WTFN. 100 episodes is no small achievement – Here’s to at least another 100!

The Living Room – Fri 7:30pm, Ch10.