Host of Ten Evening News Qld, Bill McDonald

I was lucky enough to have the chance last night to interview Bill McDonald, Channel 10 Brisbane 5pm News and Ten Evening News anchor. Bill was very generous with his time and thoughts, revealed not only his love for sport but his passion for media delivery in general.

As the Queensland host of the new Ten Evening News at 6:30pm, I was able to unpack with Bill part of Ch10’s strategy around their new News line-up, particularly focusing on this new national program hosted into each region by local talent. It’s interesting to hear someone who’s involved in the middle of the process talk about the work involved and the drive with which the team are delivering the extra show. It was also a chance to discuss his views on if the networks are taking 6:30pm seriously anymore. They used to – but given “current affairs” is now a misnomer of the highest order and yet it rates well – will the Ten Evening News be able to compete?

Again, a massive thanks to Bill (and Ch10 PR Carolyn) for allowing this to happen. I hope you all learn something from the interivew. I sure did.

The Bill McDonald interview, in 3 parts…

Special thanks to the Coffee Club at Wilston for letting us take a table for so long on only two coffees!