Twins – only our mother can tell us apart.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a rehearsal for The Living Room and meet with a whole bunch of the behind the scenes crew including the series Executive Producer Paul and, of course, the lovely cast in Amanda Keller, Barry Du Bois, Chris Brown and Miguel Maestre.

I managed to secure some time with each of the hosts to discuss their role in the show, how they came to be in television, how much Chris dislikes medieval re-enactments, life as a chef that talks with his hands, Barry’s new bubs, and Amanda’s career as a science reporter on Beyond 2000 and completely missing predicting the internet.

The Living Room is such a great Friday night lifestyle program and an easy way to slide into your weekend. The hosts are all entirely genuine – what you see on camera is what you get in person, and I think that translates really well in the interview.

Thanks so much to Channel 10, WTFN and the cast and crew for letting me hang around for the afternoon and see where their special brand of TV magic is made.

The Living Room – Fri 7:30pm, Ch10.