In Australia, 6pm is still a very big deal to the television networks and the battle for the remote control is fought no harder than in one of the biggest TV markets in Sydney. Peter Overton took over the Nine News host’s chair four years ago while the network was getting soundly thumped, and through a lot of hard work, community engagement and very serious marketing has helped turn the ship around to see the program win the last two years back-to-back – increasing its share in 2012.

In 21 years at Nine Overton has been in many roles and developed great skills as a journalist and presenter, and his resume reflects the high calibre of his work. In his own words he’s a simple man who loves what he does, and this conversation opens up his thoughts on the future of TV news, the two way engagement necessary in today’s TV environ, and how he remains the nicest guy in Australian TV News. A very interesting chat with a very generous person.