Put the woman down... we all know you like her...

So that’s it? THAT’S IT?!?!

No one ever expected the New Directions to win the National Glee Club Championships – that would be too much of a fairytale season ending. But this? It just sort of… petered out to nothingness.

Glee has been obsessed this entire second season in getting the McKinley High Glee Club to Nationals. It’s delivered some wonderful song and dance numbers in the process, and the pre-requisite theme episodes (Lady Gaga, anyone?), and it looked to be building to a spectacular finale. So the kids and Mr Shue made it to New York – great. So Shue went to realise his Broadway dream and came to the conclusion that he’d prefer to stay with his kids as a teacher – OK. Kurt & Rachael got to sing on the stage that Wicked performs on – not bad. Quinn got a haircut – huh? They didn’t make it to the final round of Nationals – OK. Everyone holds hands, the end – WTF?!

Certainly a heart-warming end with the various relationship plots wrapping up fairly neatly, beautiful that Mercedes seems to have found love, that Kurt & Blaine’s relationship continues to strengthen, that Finn & Rachael seem to have gotten back together (SOME kind of resolution was needed in this on-again/off-again debacle), and OK – so Santana needed some reassurance from Brittany regarding how they feel about each other, but that’s it? No cliff hanger ending, no sizzle for next season (which is already confirmed to be made).

Also – What happened to Quinn’s sizzled “wait until you see what I have planned for New York” statement from the end of the second last episode?!?! A haircut? THAT’S IT?!

Sure, season two came under fire for an overly sexualised start, but it settled in OK. Did it try to please too many people, or was it holding it’s breath in case it didn’t get renewed? Perhaps this is the best way Glee can handle the move into season three – with a clean slate. Start again. Mix it up.

Glee launched onto our screens with youthful vibrancy and quirky scripts. It didn’t shy away from hard storylines, and delivered a depth and pathos rarely seen in modern drama (refer: Season 2 Episode 21 & the funeral of Sue’s sister). And then it ends like that. Where’s the twist? Where’s the interest? Why have your forsaken us, oh gods of Glee?

I dunno, kids these days…