With nine weeks to go in the 2012 ratings season, Channel Ten are asking viewers to “Take A Fresh Look” by lining up a whole lot of new programming – new and returning US series fast-tracked* for our viewing pleasure, as well as some first run Australian drama & UK staples. They’ve promoted Underground to death and now it’s been scheduled expect to hear about it even more. As for the rest – buckle in.

Underground: The Julian Assange Story (NEW – Sun 7/10 8:30pm)
The New Normal (NEW)
Ben and Kate (NEW)
Vegas (NEW)
Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals (NEW)
Homeland (S02)
New Girl (S02)
The Good Wife (S04)
Glee (S04)
Modern Family (S04)
Merlin (S04)
Hawaii Five-O (S03)
NCIS (S10)
Law & Order: SVU (S14)

*=Depends on your definition of “fast-tracked”.